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Szatmárnémeti Északi Színház Harag György Társulat
Varró Dániel - Presser Gábor
Túl a Maszat hegyen
Photogallery: Túl a Maszat-hegyen
Muhi Andris:Orbán Zsolt
Maszat Janka:Budizsa Evelyn
Nathy, English poet:Rappert-Vencz Gábor
Immaculate Szilvia:Laczkó Tekla
Baby-Cheeked Daemon:Bándi Johanna Rappert-Vencz Stella
Pirate girl:Bándi Johanna Rappert-Vencz Stella
The voice of the pig:Rappert-Vencz Stella
Elephant's voice:Bándi Johanna
Uncle Makula:Varga Sándor
Broom Attila:Varga Sándor
Sludge monster 1:Poszet Nándor
Sludge monster 2:Frumen Gergő
Sludge monster 3:Varga Sándor
Pirate:Poszet Nándor Varga Sándor
Sad red bucket:Bodea Tibor
Good Pali pirate:Bodea Tibor
Giraffe bird sound:Bodea Tibor
Sludge tsar:Frumen Gergő
Crumb Géza:Poszet Nándor
Sludge proclaimer:Poszet Nándor

Vixek, Pacák, Badarok – Önkéntesek, statiszták
Director: Nagy Regina
Set design: Cristian Gătina
Costume designer: Bodor Judit
Puppets: Bodor Judit
Musical coordinator: Manfrédi Annamária
Coreography: Gabriela Tănase
Coach: Manfrédi Annamária
Prompter: Varga Katalin
Stage manager: Varga Katalin
Assistent: Tamás Ágnes
First performance:11/05/2018
Duration of the performance cca. 90 minute(s) (without breaks).
About the performance

Farther than the eye can see,
Farther than The Dardanelles,
Far away, as long as
Man does not spit,
Nor can cherries launch from fingers,
Far beyond that,
The war of two worlds is gone.

Muhi Andris, a little child, wakes up as a hero in his own dreamworld, where the evil Sludge tsar wants to dirty the world, and the savage cleaners led by Immaculate Silvia threat with extreme purity the blur-mountain people. Andris have to save the inhabitants of the Misty Empire including the mistiest of them, namely, Janka. However, like every fairy tale hero, he has to overcome a lot of badness: to look for Janka, to get through the sludge swamp, to resist the seduction of the baby-bearded demon, to defeat the big Sludge tsar, and we could even list many many dirty stories…

Gathering in a slanderous sentence: it's a classic tale of good and dirt, specifically of the eternal fight of the dirt and the cleanliness, but in fact the victory of a healthy smear.

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